What’s the difference between a spray tan tech or makeup artist for my spray tan? Okay, so here’s the deal when it comes to your healthy, year round bronze. We all know that there are places that specialize in spray tans only and this is their bread and butter. Have you tried one of these places? I have, obviously prior to offering my own spray tans to my clients.  I’m going to give you all of my opinions and some facts on heading to a spray tan factory for your weekend bronze versus choosing to go to a professional makeup artist.

  1. Makeup artists are spray tan techs!  When we choose to offer tans as a service to our clients, we have to be certified and trained in how to do them.  In most cases, during our makeup education, we learn how to do spray tans as well.
  1. Makeup artists are airbrush specialists!  Think about it… spray tans are done via a giant airbrush system.  There’s a certain trigger control, spray pattern and blending off technique that is learned when studying airbrush.  This comes into play when blending your tan into lighter areas like the underside of your arms and backs of your knees.  
  1. Makeup artists have a certain skill set that is the difference between a good tan and a fantastic tan!  Makeup artists study contour, color theory and skin conditions.  All of these subjects are necessary in the application of a flawless tan.  For example, we make sure to spray in a pattern that contours your abdomen.  We understand how certain colors and undertones will show up on a specific skin tone.  Above all, skin prep is super imperative for an amazing makeup and, of course, for an incredible tan.  But, skin prep depends heavily on current skin condition.  There’s not necessarily a universal rule.  Your makeup artist can give you specific instructions on how to prep and care for your tan based on your skin’s needs and therefore giving you the best results.
  1. The color selection process is the most important!  You’ll find, most of the time, at these spray tan hubs, you’ll be given an option of 3 colors.  Light, medium or dark.  Or even less.  Sometimes, you might even be left to determine this alone with no help from your tech, or booth (ahhhh!!!!).  With our artists, we custom formulate your color depending on what you’re going for, but also what will look most natural on you.  Spray tans should never be a 1,2 or 3 decision.  

All in all, there are many pros to going to a professional makeup artist for your tans.  Makeup artists are spray tan techs, but not all spray tan techs are makeup artists.  It breaks my heart to hear horror stories of our first time clients after they have gone elsewhere for a tan.  Come to us first.  We’ve got you covered!  Promise! https://marandcobeauty.com/philadelphia-spray-tanning/

With Love,


CEO/Makeup Artist/Spray Tan Artist