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Your Wedding Skincare Routine- The Breakdown of All the Important Things!

Your Wedding Skincare Routine– The Breakdown of All the Important Things!

Hiring an amazing and professional makeup artist whose portfolio and personality you’ve fallen in love with is a crucial first step toward achieving your perfect bridal beauty.  A great makeup artist can only do so much without a beautiful canvas.  With that said, proper skincare leading up to your wedding is a must!  Here is a detailed timeline of how you should be prepping your skin for your wedding and just down-right healthy habits to get into!

1 Year + Out-

Hydrate!  Hydrating from the inside out is more effective than adding a ton of moisturiser to your face.  Drink your daily amount of water and don’t skimp!  Approximately half your body weight in ounces is recommended.  I know this seems obvious but it really does make a huge difference.  Your skin takes the longest of all your organs to hydrate, so be patient!

Watch your diet!  Again, obvious, I know.  Some people are extra sensitive to sugar, dairy or preservatives.  If you’re having some skin trouble like redness, dullness or breakouts, try cutting these things out one at a time to isolate the cause and see if you notice a difference.  Don’t forget your daily greens!  I make sure I get mine via a dissolvable tablet in my water if I haven’t had my plate full with veggies lately.  It’s called 8 Greens and tastes like Sprite!

Get on a vitamin!  Multivitamins are great.  Hair, skin and nail vitamins are great too if you need some extra support.  Personally, I opt for the Sugar Bear gummies.  They taste amazing.  Postpartum, I did the hair gummies.  Now I do the women’s multi.  They’re vegan and gluten free!

Get on a skincare routine!  Now don’t get scared.  If you’re not a skincare guru like me, that’s okay.  I don’t need you to have a 10 step process like myself.  All I need you to do is cleanse, tone, moisturize.  Your products do not have to be expensive, just effective and right for you.  Ask us for help if you’re not sure what to get.  

SPF!  Let me say it again.  SPF!!!  You should be wearing SPF every day of your life.  No, I’m not joking.  It doesn’t have to be to the level that you do going to the beach, but even in the winter or non-sunny days, yes, put it on please!  95% of your skin’s aging is from the sun.  No joke!  Tons of moisturizers have SPF in them if you don’t want to add an extra step.  I keep a Supergoop spray in my car in case I forget.  Unfortunately, this is the only skin you get.  You’ll thank me one day.  

6 Months Out–

Keep up with all of these things previously mentioned!

Facials!  If you really want great skin, regular, professional skincare is a must.  Depending on what your esthetician sees fit for you, it can take some time and a few sessions to get results.  We recommend an incredible local esthetician if you need one.  Ask us!  Again, depending on the plan you are on with your skincare provider, you might be scheduling sessions every 6-12 weeks.  

3 Months Out–

Spray Tan Trials!  If you’re thinking about getting a spray tan with us, this is a great time to do your trials.  We usually recommend two so that we can really hone in on what’s best for you!

SPF! Yes, again, I know you’re heading somewhere fun for your Bachelorette.  Consider a higher SPF like 50 and maybe a hat.  I like to double up if I know I’m going to be outside.  

1 Week Out–

Waxing.  If you get your face waxed, make your appointment for about 3 days or earlier before your wedding.  It will give your skin a chance to heal so it can take to the makeup.

Spray Tan!  It’s time for your actual wedding spray tan!  If your wedding is on Saturday, we usually like to do your tan Thursday evening.  Head to our spray tans page on our site for proper prep!

Don’t try any new products!  This goes for all beauty products– hair products, face masks, makeup, serums, etc.  We can’t risk a reaction.  Now is not the time!

Stop Your Facials.  If you are doing regular facials, remember to book your last one prior to your one week out marker.  With facials, the products are designed to bring out what is underlying in your skin  and bring to the surface to really cleanse and purge.  This means it can incite a breakout.  While this is normal and anticipated after a facial, we need time for that to clear up before your wedding day.  

SPF!  Do you get it now? You do not need to sunbathe for Vitamin D, I promise!  There’s just not much we can do in the makeup chair with sunburn, dry/peeling skin, fine lines and dark spots.  Double up or just stay inside and rest! 

Always ask us if you need help with proper skincare for you!  Follow us on instagram @mar.cobeauty for more tips!

With Love,


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