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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty-Always Our Bridal Go To!

The day two people tie the knot and commit their love to one another is a day neither will forget. The photos taken will be looked at and awed over for years to come. Looking back at these pictures, you’ll want to see you as yourself, enhancing your natural beauty so you are not taking away from your overall look on your big day.

Less can be more! Accentuate what you already have! We all have one feature that we tend to like to show more attention to, whether it is our eyes, brows, lips, cheekbones, lashes, ect. I am a big believer of working with what you have, and that includes facial features! By keeping a look more soft and natural and just enhancing what is already there, you are guaranteed to look and feel like yourself on your wedding day. 

Having a makeup artist who knows how to enhance your natural beauty is so important. The last thing you want is to look like someone else on your wedding day. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to enhance your natural beauty on your wedding day!

  • Skin prep! Our skin loves moisture, start your wedding day prep with a good moisturizer after washing your face
  • Flawless foundation application! To me this is a deal breaker. In pictures I want to look back and say how I was glowing and my skin looked flawless on my wedding day.
  • Eyes! Finding the right shades to go with your eye color is key! I am also a huge fan of a little liner and some lashes to add some dimension  so your eyes will pop in pictures. 
  • Cheeks! I am a sucker for blush. It brings the life to a makeup look and gives the perfect romantic blush in photos.
  • Lips! Who doesn’t love a bold lip once in a while! A bold lip is the perfect way to keep your makeup look natural, but still have a wow factor. 

Always stay true to yourself when choosing your makeup look for your wedding day.

Love always, 


Lead Artist/ Team Trainer