Philadelphia wedding makeup artist

Stress-Free Wedding Morning? Yes, Please!

Wondering how we can ensure your hair and makeup timeline runs smoothly the day of your wedding? 

Ultimately, if hair and makeup starts your day off right, the rest of the day is set up for success. We love being the first ones to see you the morning of your big day and the ones who set the mood for the rest of the day! We always take that part of our job very seriously and will always show up with good vibes and ready to make everyone feel calm and beautiful! Here is what you can do to make sure the day starts off without a hitch: 

1: Book hair and makeup as soon as you can! 

 The stigma is that hair and makeup are the last vendors you should book. This should not be the status quo! We book up just as quickly as other vendors. The difference between us and other vendors is instead of having a set menu or a one person company.. We have a team for a reason– each of our artists specialize in certain looks, styles and areas.  While all of our artists are versatile, we want to be able to assign the perfect artist from our team that matches your style, both personality and desired look!  If you book early, we can sell out the date early and put time into dispersing our artists accordingly.  This is a HUGE advantage!

2: Be prepared for your trial! 

Your trial is an important day as the bride! It’s not only a dry run for the big day, but it’s the perfect time to talk everything through. We will talk timeline, any questions and concerns, and make sure we are on the same page about your wedding hair and makeup. This way the morning of your wedding, you can feel confident knowing exactly what is going to happen beauty wise.  Your job is to sit in our chair and relax!  And eat breakfast! Very important as well!

Things you need for your trial: 

  • Reference Photos (our work is preferable!)
  • Hair piece/ accessory
  • Hair Extensions if needed 
  • Veil 
  • Details: service address, timeline, anything additional we should know
  • Questions!  We love them!

3. Communicate the timeline and “what to expect” to your bridal party. 

We always try to give plenty of cushion time when writing the timeline for the morning of your wedding. The key is sticking to it!  This is an effort on both parts! While we don’t create appointment slots with names necessarily, so long as we have someone in the chair every 45 minutes to an hour, we’re on track!  We like to give our clients freedom to self regulate, but also a bit of structure to not jump in with no plan. 

Working down to the wire is never ideal because we are a detail oriented team. Most importantly, if there is a 8am start time, someone has to be in the chair at 8am.  We will arrive a few minutes early for set up.  We realize it may feel too early to have hair and makeup done, but we promise, this is standard.  Looks are designed to last.  That’s why you hire professionals, right?  We always build in time for touch ups and lips at the end of service.  

4: Take everyone’s opinions and comments with a grain of salt. 

Nothing grinds our gears more than a bride who has a million opinions being thrown at her, loving, or not. This goes for trial as well, but definitely wedding morning! This is YOUR DAY! If you want a bold lip then, damnit, get that bold lip girl! If you want a braid in your updo, but your mom doesn’t like braids.. then get the braid. This is your time to live your best life and feel like the best version of you as you walk into your new life!

I love our MOB’s and MOH’s.  They are such an important support system for the bride and groom. Speaking from experience, your mom, fiance and everyone important to you will think you are an absolute bridal vision if you choose what YOU want.  Even if it’s not what they want.  Why? If you feel good, you’ll look good.  Confidence is beauty.  And it will translate.  Your mom won’t see that bold lip when you walk down the aisle– she’ll see her daughter–glowing! 

PSA to your support system: First and foremost, make the bride feel like she is the most beautiful and important person in the world and support her decisions. She has had to make a thousand of them and I promise, she’s thinking about you the whole way!  Hair and makeup should be the non stressful, fun decisions! Normalize supporting your brides dream wedding!

In conclusion, if we follow these simple steps, your wedding will go just as planned and we will have nothing but a relaxing, fun time making you feel like the most beautiful bride.

Peace and Love, 


Vice President/ Hairstylist